FYP Himos

Awesome people, skiing and great weather – welcome to the Spring Break!

Fourth edition of FYP Spring Break took place at Himos on the second weekend of March. Around 150 professionals joined the event featuring VTT, Outotec, CGI, CapGemini, Kone/Konecranes, Sonera, Caruna, Sofigate, and Neste/Nestejacobs. Program followed traditional framework e.g. gigs, mökkicrawl and all-day afterski. According to the rumours, a small group of brave professionals also visited Jämsä karaoke bar and received a warm welcome by the locals. A party bus offered a new networking opportunity already on the way to Himos – which also offered peer support for those suffering on a way back to Helsinki.


It is fair to say that the weekend was full of laughter, new friends and great memories. The social media group of the event was filled by party invitations, after party requests and great pictures. Feel the vibes from the event and see some selected memories!


9-11 March 2017