About FYP

Finland Young Professionals (FYP) is an independent and nonprofit association connecting young professional networks from different large enterprises. FYP organizes professional events annually and several events just for fun. FYP events gather usually 30-400 participants depending of the nature of an event.

Nowadays there are 20 networks in FYP which means over 3000 members. FYP board and network leaders are developing the ways how FYP events and network are organized and visible for members. This is a continuous and excited journey and if you are willing to participate on this development, do not hesitate to contact FYP board members.

Story behind FYP

Finland Young Professionals network has been founded in spring 2011. The idea about the network came when IBM and KONE young network leaders had a common event and wanted to have wider network of young talents. Laura Lindsberg (née Savolainen), who was IBM network leader that day, contacted other network leaders she knew and organized a first meeting on 23.3.2011.

The meeting was held at Old YO-house and there were participants from IBM, KONE, Nordea, SOK, Nokia, Tieto and VTT networks. This group decided to form Finland Young Professionals network and have a first unofficial event in Kaivopuisto. The event was a picnic in the beginning of the summer and it was a great success. Over 200 interested networkers attended the event and this was a sign to continue to have more organized events for young professionals.

The next event was a cruise in autumn and this event has been organized every year. Since that time FYP has organized events for people willing to meet other talented people. First events were simply organized but as more networks joined FYP, there was a need for more structural way of working. Then FYP board was formed as well as FYP core group which includes leaders from company networks. FYP network continued to grow and in 2013 FYP organization was registered to PRH.


FYP Board

Paula Ajo

Paula Ajo

Niko Strömberg

Niko Strömberg

Vice chairman, Sales and Marketing manager

Ukko Liukkonen

Finance and Web Manager
Pia Lindqvist

Pia Lindqvist

FYP Network Manager

Jenni Salmi

Event Project Manager

Mikael Männistö

Event Project Manager
Niina Kuvaja

Niina Kuvaja

Event Project Manager
Tytti Lahti

Tytti Lahti

Event Project Manager
Laura Lindsberg

Laura Lindsberg

PR and Brand Manager

FYP Associates

Pekka Vesikko

Pekka Vesikko

Sales and Marketing
Karri Rantasila

Karri Rantasila

Management Consulting

FYP Networks

Network nameNetwork leaders
Young Alma MediansAnniina Salo
Ella Vilkkavaara
CapstersNiko Ahola
Caruna Organized ProfessionalsAnnu Luoma
CGI YES (Young Excellence
Tomi Hirvonen
Deloitte Junior Professional NetworkToni Jäppinen
Elisa Young ProfessionalsJohan Kairamo
Jordan Lawrence
EY Young ProfessionalsAnna Rautioaho
Fingrid Young ProfessionalsMinna Luojus
Fortum Young ProfessionalsElina Seppä
KONE Young ProfessionalsMarkus Kovanen
Young Professionals @ MicrosoftCarl Von Frenckell
Neste Young Refiners Jaana Larionova
Pekko Ojalainen
Nokia Young ProfessionalsAnni Rautakoura
Young Nordea Network Marika Tumanoff
Outotec Young ProfessionalsTopi Tirronen
Sofigate Young ProfessionalsPaula Kauppinen
Telia Young Talents Paula Ajo
Viivi Jäppinen
Tieto Young ProfessionalsJulius Porkka
UPM YoungForeAlva Arias-Tello
Vaisala Young Professionals Jari Suikkola
VTT Young Professionals Riina Häkkinen