Hi there, welcome to Finland Young Professionals’ site!

Finland Young Professionals (FYP) is an independent and nonprofit association connecting young professional networks from different large enterprises and organizations, based in Helsinki metropolitan area. There are 23 networks part of FYP. FYP organizes professional events annually and several events just for fun. We in FYP believe in the power of building seamless network relations. We are an active community where young professionals can network, create and share ideas, socialize, develop their professional skills and capabilities. FYP events gather usually 30-400 participants depending of the nature of an event. See our events to find more information.


Being part of FYP ensures diverse possibilities for networking or sponsoring and reaching young professionals from different business backgrounds.


How do we operate?

FYP has been established in 2011 and the number of member networks has grown each year.


FYP is run by board and FYP network leaders. Board is accountable for planning future activities and running administrative tasks. FYP network leaders are responsible of participating in organizing FYP activities together with board as well as handling the communication between FYP and their network. All active networks have their representative at FYP network leaders.


In order to take part of FYP activities, please contact your company’s young professionals network representative.